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Top 10 Strongest Future Allies of Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece

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Monkey D. Luffy is the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the most fearsome pirates to sail the seas in the world of One Piece. Over the years. he has grown tremendously powerful. and after the recent events of the Whole Cake Island arc. Luffy has been declared as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.
Of course. Luffy is still far from being as powerful and influential as an Emperor. however. he’s slowly getting there. As his power level is increasing. so is the number of his allies. Here are 10 characters who will ally with Monkey D. Luffy (Straw Hat Pirates) in the future of the series.
10. Jewelry Bonney.
9. Eustass Kid.
8. Crocodile.
7. Boa Hancock.
6. Charlotte Katakuri.
5. Marco.
4. Shanks.
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If knowledge is power, then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

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