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[FREE] J. Cole x Isaiah Rashad x Kendrick Lamar Lofi Type Beat | "Hydra"

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If knowledge is power, then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

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  • My voice floats on airwaves to different universes
    as I hitch hike round the galaxy spittin all my verses
    I'm an alien
    the likes of which your people never known
    I live amongst the stars and everywhere is home
    Home grown
    Raised off of tough love
    I never had enough of
    I felt that it was unjust
    I felt that I was unloved
    I never built the trust up
    I never was a stuck up
    I never had a trust fund
    I'm coming from the bottom
    Shoulder holding dust on
    A chip off the block
    Glazed and decorated
    I been changing quite a lot
    Now I'm sitting pretty
    Even though my life is not
    Always keep a smile
    Appreciating what I got
    ai taking over
    Replication for a fee
    But I ain't scared of it
    They'll never replicate me
    Intercourse with dolls
    instead of the real thing
    Human touch is priceless
    Extinction it will bring
    Autotune an autobot
    and anything can sing
    Put makeup on a pig
    And the pig will still stink
    What does the future look like
    What if we go extinct
    Technology and boundaries
    Will really make you think

    As thoughts run through my head
    Off a tab of lsd
    Before you cross my mind
    Don't just walk out in the street
    Look both ways
    insanity never sleeps
    Look at both sides
    Before switching up the beat
    Beauty on vinyl
    Recording all of my dreams
    Everything is different
    Once I've fallen asleep
    Music hit different
    When it's playin in dream
    Really have you question
    What the hell your life mean?

  • Mama Iโ€™m not perfect
    I could never be
    But that doesnโ€™t mean not try
    U know the thing about rock bottom
    It doesnโ€™t get any harder
    Voices in the distance
    I hear my dreams calling
    But mama promise youโ€™ll still love me
    When the pressure change me
    And my heads to big for my shoulders

  • -How long before I quit the 9-5 flows/
    -Pages of Instagram ballers driving large roves(ROVER)/
    -Seen the whip the kinda car tells(cartel) he sliding narcos/
    -or move trees(weed) to other (branches.)..inside the (trunk) mo'/
    …u make songs friends emoji hype your raps dope/
    -keep feeds would(wood) be (fire)..but rather bump coal(cole)
    -no diss Carolina legend proud ya found goals/
    -makes sense…(head for dreams(ville)) become the type (cole)/
    ….. I provide good stories and u buy ma rhymes whole/
    -i give (accounts detailed)…spend your cash on-lines bro/
    -every verse store a message out for times Ur life rolls/
    -give u lines while am shedding light..define the barcode/
    -…all this skill in one body..never try the god sho/
    -u washed ones a never come close..(clothes) ..go find a (bath robe)/
    -no's jaccuzi how (u lie) yet (pop) so/
    -keep it( straight jack.)…I struck nerves…inspired (mad quotes/coats)/

    something little i wrote to this beat pls follow my youtube page too

  • How far does the pain/ go?

    Why does my head hang/ low?
    and will this pain/ grow
    Baby I'm afraid/ so
    You want my heart/and soul
    Baby girl take/ both

    Just leave the flowers by my grave/stone
    Cuz loves a gamble
    No such thing as a safe zone
    So hurt me more
    And use my wrongs as a scapegoat
    When it rains it pours
    Umbrella and a raincoat
    Or let your guard down
    and you can stay soaked
    Im drownin' love
    And it's a struggle just to stay afloat
    So how far
    So how far does the pain go
    Just as far
    Just as far as we make it go
    Just as far
    Just as far as we make it go
    Just as far
    Just as far as we make it go
    So how far
    So how far does the pain go

    Just as far as we make it go

    So how far does the pain/ go
    From a little/ rain
    to a rainbow
    From a day/ old
    To a grave/stone

    How far does this pain go?

    i could never take back
    I love you still
    And i know you hate that
    i could never take back
    I love you still
    And i know you hate that
    But even so
    You know i got your back
    Always and forever
    Its dark clouds love
    And we can't change the weather
    All ties severed
    When its alright never
    I lost my love
    Yeah i lost my treasure
    But you deserve better
    So i hope it gets better
    I try not to think about/ it cuz
    The further i fell
    The further you fell out/ of love
    And as i got closer
    You was drifting away
    I said baby don't go
    cuz im in it to stay
    Prolonging fate
    Just to end it in pain
    And now im out here tripping
    Like i could end it today
    Don't get close love
    insecurities get in the way
    And now you gettin' away
    Now you gettin' away

  • This a dope azz one. I listen to quite a few of your beats and this has just the right amount of style blended. I know you like your saxophone but this is chill, og and refreshing. Props.

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