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Putin announces plans for Russia’s military future

Russia is pushing to equip its military with the latest technological capability. Artificial intelligence, robotics, lasers and hypersonic systems will all see expanded use. Russian President Putin cited “intensifying competition and rivalry,” concern over NATO encroachment on Russia’s borders and the militarization of space as driving the need for modernizing the armed forces. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova report for the News with Rick Sanchez.

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If knowledge is power, then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

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  • I/we always hear, how much a country is spending on their military budgets, but I think their all lying, I’d take any countries military budget, and multiply it, by a factor of 9.

  • i am moving to Russia or China…it is safe there…if s*** hits the fan, I want to leave this earth a who has died for a righteous cause……the Tao will know the difference….how so….the aggressor will be the warthog, the defenders a hungry lion in our next lives…it does matter

  • The US used to be close to Russia and China because the Clinton, the Bush and the Obama allow them to steal billions of dollars, jobs and technologies from the US , and the US almost hit rock bottom – ‘ keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer’. Now, they are busted by Trump.

  • That's why where government own services, it produce craps.. im for less gov rule and more economic freedom
    Fuck big government!! Fuck you russia china iran!!

  • We defeated the Soviet union. That's not the problem. The Soviets were "a" problem, but so "Big Government." But the real problem is we initiated an isolation war against Russia. That puts Russia into a corner and forces them into a "radical" rearmament stage instead of a steady military build up for defense, which is not a problem because the have to seek absolute survival. They want to survive as much as anybody else. I'm American and truly appreciate the foundation of the USA. But this butting heads has gotten out of hand. I can't blame russia…….. but then…… Me among others are left to pick up the mess.

    The usa was never meant to be this way. Believe it or not. Were not so different.

  • Pls don't tell rubbish news if u want to fight u Better come in my house I will be not 70% but 100 percent to give u good news the good news is ur human or reptilian.

  • Привет, Россия. Спасибо что отобрали Крым и убили десятки тысяч украинцев на востоке Украины 🇺🇦👍❤️
    Also hello from Neaderlands 🇳🇱 🖐️ thanks to yours army for shot down plane MH17 and killed 300 peaple

  • I can see it now, Russian high tech. What a joke, Russian ai great end of the world. It's always been the Russians to cause judgement day. We have seen way to many examples of Russian high tech in their submarines. How many Russian Nuke subs ended up on the bottom cause of cheap workman ship. And how many of their sailors did they leave on the bottom just to save face.

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