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Shawn Mendes REVEALS Exact Date He & Camila Became Official!

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Alright everyone, this is NOT a drill! Finally, after months of asking and waiting and getting nothing in return, we are finally getting some answers from Shawn MENDES detailing the official start of his relationship with Camila Cabello.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Shawn spoke out about the beginning stages of he and Camila’s blossoming romance. He talked about how and where the whole thing started out.

I mean, we know that Shawn and Camila’s unofficial relationship started years ago, back when Camila was still in Fifth Harmony. That’s when everyone started to ship them!

The two met when they were the opening acts for Austin Mahone’s tour, and started spending time with each other fairly frequently.

But it wasn’t until earlier this year that the two became officially offish. And as it turns out, it actually started a little later than we all expected.

See, Shawn is known for doing Q&A’s with a select group of his luckiest fans. And in the past he’s revealed the secret to his success.

As well as his admiration for Australian culture.

As an Australian Shawn, this is your official response on behalf of my fellow Aussies, yes you can rock that hat, it looks perfect on you. And P.s. we’re totally happy to adopt you as one of our own too, if interested??

Ok but moving on. This time, he gave us something deeper. Something that has been racking my brain since the first whispers of Senorita.
He told us the exact date that he and Camila started dating.

I mean, talk about fireworks. And as far as we can tell, what he’s saying seems to make sense.

A source saw Shawn and Camila at a party for Nobu in Malibu, California on July fourth of this year.

According to that source, Shawn and Camila were, quote “sitting with each other, facing each other and looked very intimate,”.

You might recall that this insta story also surfaced of the 2 of them on 4th of July, where they looked very cosy.

So that might have been the exact moment where one of them asked the other one if they wanted to be official. And apparently, the two left that party holding hands.

But uhh, I gotta say I was surprised that they ONLY started dating in July.

Considering the Senorita music video came out on June 20th. Like I was pretty sure that video was their official dating announcement.

And if it wasn’t that, they certainly seemed couple-y the time that Shawn DROPPED Camila in the BTS video that they shared.

I mean, that video came out on June 24th, which was a week and a half before they started dating!

But you know, just because they weren’t OFFICIAL by then doesn’t mean that they weren’t an item for much longer than they’re putting on.

Like, look what he posted on June 22nd.

That SCREAMS “flirtationship” to me!

So does the “V” Magazine cover that they did together in June.

But I guess Shawn wants us to think that they were “just friends” at this point.

In fact, after that fateful night on July 4th, he kind of stopped posting photos of her altogether. That is, until that gross video that we all know toooo well that he posted in September.

Sorry you had to see that again.

And the same goes for Camila. The day after she supposedly entered this relationship she posted a photo of herself in a snapback.

And was noticeably quiet about Shawn, until she said she loved him on his birthday in August.

On July 6th, just two days after Shawn and Camila started dating, Shawn straight up denied dating Camila in another Q&A.

So what’s the truth? It seems like this time Shawn’s giving the answer straight.
I mean, we all know that they’re in a relationship at this point. What’s the point of lying about what day it started?

I guess we’ll know for sure when the anniversary post rolls around on July 4th next year. Yeah, sure, it’s not for a while, but I have faith that these two will make it.

But right now I want to hear from you, Were you guys surprised that they supposedly only started dating in July? What was the point where you knew that these two were more than just friends? Sound off in the comments below.

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If knowledge is power, then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

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