If knowledge is power, then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

How the Mueller investigation can help prevent future election meddling

Former NATO Chief of Staff at the Defense Department Mark Simakovsky on the political fallout from the investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
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If knowledge is power, then knowledge sharing is empowerment.

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  • Trump is on the verge of impeachment and he knows it. he knows people in his campaign were working with Russia to help him win the campaign

  • President Trump stay strong keep meeting with president PUTIN.
    Fbi,cia,DOJ are traitors to USA to u and DEPLORABLES.
    We stand with u and country USA 👍🇺🇸👌🗽💖🔔👏🌟

  • this was a hoax perpetrated by hillary clinton in conjunction with obomas white house the DNC , DOJ ,Brennon and Clapper . All involved should be charged with sedition or treason or both with death penalty for the most serious crimes . we would then get to try out them guillotines that congress ordered back in 1995 . how sweet that would be to make them all public . These guillotines were ordered under Bill Clintons presidential term . Talking about ordering your wifes mode of execution how sweet is that . both can slice and dice together at the same time after all they ordered 30 thousand of them along with all of these petiphiles they could line them all up and let them heads roll . los le bon temps rola . LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL .

  • Scott McFadyen on July 14, 2018 at 1:42 am said:

    Trump absolutely needs to go there and put Putin on notice that these 12 Russians are to be placed on America soil to stand trial. Time to get tough.

  • Ten indictments covering 32 individuals and three businesses, five guilty pleas, two criminal cases headed to trial, and one person in prison so far.

  • vengefulghost on July 14, 2018 at 8:03 am said:

    The dems still think trump colluded with russia yet he keeps sanctions on russia bombs syria to piss off russia 2 times and chastise's germany for having open trade with russia by giving them billions of dollars for gas and energy which defies the very existence of nato which is why their logic makes no sense

  • It’s simply a case of turnabout is fair play. Bill Clinton gave Russia Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin gave USA Donald Trump. Maybe next time both sides won’t meddle in elections.

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